[ East Sussex ] 英國南邊的海岸

The Herstmonceux Castle was not that far from the oceanside cities (eg. Eastbourne, Brighton, etc.)

The southern coast of England is quite interesting because it has all the white chalk cliffs. Heard of the Chalk cliff of Dover? Well, Dover is also on the south coast of England but more toward the east.

Eastbourne – the higher class resort; the rival to Brighton in the Victorian era.

The pier in Eastbourne. I often went took the minibus from our castle to Eastbourne just because it was the CLOSEST city that was big enough to have a mall and some shopping places. Eastbourne is about 15-30min by car from Herstmonceux. Brighton is about 45mins by car. We could take the weekly mini bus to Brighton for shopping.. or to the University of Sussex & Bighton for library stuff. But I really only went there once & I didn’t bring a camera.




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