[ Sussex ] 近代英國文學鄉村巡禮

There were 3 field studies with each course at the Herstmonceux Castle. Basically we just go to places that we studied in our class and see the stuff we studied in person. For my modern English Lit. class, we went to Henry James’ Lamb House in Rye, Virginia’s Monk House in Rodmell, & R. Kipling’s Bateman’s in Burwash. All of which are in Sussex – the same county where we were.

The small town of Rye where Henry James lived for a while. Quite a neat little town.

We had our traditional Sussex Cream Tea there in a small, intimate, & very “English” tea room. The owner also taught us the “proper” way to eat the tea biscuit & the tea.

Virginia Woolf’s Monks House. It was the house where she lived until she committed suicide in the nearby river. Her husband and her remains (ashes) are buried in the garden.

The little church in Berwick where Virginia Woolf’s sister – Vanessa Bell decorated with her paintings. It was a sweet little church. We were glad that our minibus driver took us there!

The Nobel Prize winner R. Kipling’s Bateman’s. Apparently he wasn’t popular among his neighbours (which weren’t many) because he drove this huge noisy car around. & All his famous friends/visitors will also be driving those huge noisy cars to visit him here. The interior of the house is rather modest.




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