[ Canterbury ] 中世紀朝聖聖地 – 坎特伯里

A cultural studies trip to Canterbury (2hr coach ride from Herstmonceux Castle) organized by the Herstmoneux ISC faculty/staff. Canterbury is located in the south eastern part of England.

Canterbury was an important place for pilgrimage starting from the early medieval time and became even more popular with the assasination of St. Thomas Beckett in the Canterbury Cathedral.

One of the most important piece in early English literature is Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. It speaks of the stories of a group of pilgrims and the tales revolve around the issue of people going on prilgrimage to Canterbury not necessarily because they’re devoted to the religion. The language was a bit hard to digest in the beginning (because it’s old English after all) but some of the tales were quite hilarious. This is a museum dedicated to the literature.




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