[ Liverpool ] Midterm Trip 到披頭四的老家

Part of the Midterm trip to Edinburgh & Liverpool with the ISC @ Herstmonceux Castle. Four coaches drove all the way from the south coast of England to Edinburgh in Scotland (we basically drove across the whole England vertically). Photos of Scotland are listed under the Scotland Category.

The ruins of the old Roman wall built by Hadrian (a Roman Emperor) that stretched across the norther part of England horizontally (kinda in a diagonal too). The pic shows the ruins of a fort by the Hadrian’s Wall.

Stayed one night in Liverpool and spent a day there to do Liverpool city tour (part of our Culture studies trip) and my British Studies’ field studies for Beatles. Not a huge fan of Beatles but had to write a paper on the influence of the group on the city so there goes my Liverpool experience. Flew to Dublin the very same night because it was nearby & we didn’t want to take the 14-hr coach back down to the south.




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