[ Cornwall ] 在 Newquay 的冒險營

It was a weekend student trip that I woke up at 4:45am to go to sign up for & I don’t even know why I went for it. But I was glad that I went. For the trip, we went to Stonehenge (which was kinda on the way to the southwest coast of England where Newquay is). We couldn’t go to Salisbury as planned because of the weather messing up our planned visit to Tintagl; we did end up going to the Tintagel Castle but Salisbury had to be cut from the itinerary.

We spent two nights at a stylish hostel in Newquay & our room had a view of the ocean! I think our school group took over the hostel for that weekend.

Lusty Glaze Beach –  a private beach where we did our DAY of outdoor activities in hail storm+ rain+ sunny day (talking about moody English weather).

It was hailing before we set out for some rock climbing!

Outdoor activities on the beach included surfing, zipwiring, climbing a cliff with a lot of obstacles, & another cliff activity. I was one of the person on hanging up there in the pic. It was pretty scary when I was just standing by the cliff.




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