[ Birmingham ] 英國工業城的新與舊

Birmingham Council House at dusk. On my way back to my hall. Still 35mins to go!

The old main post office of Birmingham. There are always long quenes in there. I’ve never seen a post office so busy! By the way, the time stamp on the photos is an hour behind.

The famous futuristic acrchitectural design of Selfridge (shopping) in the Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham

The Bull of the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham.

Inside the shopping centre.

HIstoric Jewelry Quarter in Birmingham. Birmingham was a huge commerce/industrial city (& still is now).

Birmingham is old.. Was on my way to work and just suddenly realized there was this tomb stone-like thing by the sidewalk. Such a big contrast seeing this out-of-place product of the past in the bustling industrial city.




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