[ Highlands ] Isle of Skye – 精靈的國度

Isle of Skye. Scotland.  Fairy’s Kingdom.

My last trip for my stay in Europe ends with a week trip to Scotland. Went there last term for ISC Midterm trip to Edinburgh and New Lanark but the weather was really bloody. So glad that this time the sun was up for my entire trip! How often do you hear someone gets sunburned in Scotland? No complaints.

Took a 4-hr train from Bham to Edinburgh. It was a long ride but I slept most of the time so that didn’t make much difference. After I got everything settled in Edinburgh it was already 3pm. Decided to go to see the Scottish Parliament and the surrounding area and then go shopping afterward. Then I saw the Salisbury crags and the Arthur’s Seat (this gigantic rock). So instead of going shopping, the next moment I found myself climbing up the slightly steep rocky hills of the Salisbury crag under the BLAZZZZING sun. Sometimes I really don’t know what I was thinking. Could’ve died of heat exhaustion right there.


Fairy Kindom. Ruined Castles. Bloody History. Tall Mountains, Glassy water. Movies. Nessie Monster. Drunkard. Hairy Coos, etc.




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