[ Highlands ] Glen Coe – The Valley of Weeping

Glen Coe is also called the “Valley of Weeping" because of a tragic massacre that occurred here in 1692. On a sunny day like this, looking around the steep rocky hills around us, we tried to imagine the stormy night in the winter of 1692 when the clan of the MacDonalds attempted to escape from their murderers by climbing up the steep snow-covered mountains. Apparently, the place was said to be filled with the cries of those murdered or frozen to death when the moody Scottish weather kicks in.

We took a wee walk down to the glen (stream/river).

According to Tony (our guide), we have to drink the water like this. haha. This is his demo. The second pic is me. A deja vu! I think I had a pic of me doing an almost exact same thing like this when I was 5 or something.

The 3rd pic is our group coming back up from the glen to the main highway (A82) where our sexy yellow minibus was parked.

We stopped by the bridge near Ballachulish where we got a spectcular view of the loch (lake) and the way to the ocean.

It was UNBELIEVABLY HOT on the bus (& everywhere in Scotland when we were there actually). Fearing that we would die of heat exhaustion, our guide bought us popsicles and ice-cream!

Commando Memorial – for those specially trained ‘commando’ who lost their lives in WWII. They were trained here. The monument on the right hand edge of the picture. The view from the site of the memorial was spectacular!




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