[ Highlands ] Brave Heart & James Bond country

Woke up early for the 3-day tour to the Highlands of Scotland. The weather didn’t look too good. It was super misty/foggy.

So foggy that when we drove to the Forth Rail Bridge, we couldn’t see the entire bridge! A bit of a disappointment. The bridge was one engineering master piece at the time of its construction.

Then we went to Stirling. Went to the front step of the Stirling Castle and went down the hill only to go up again to the Wallace Monument. This is a view of the village green down the hills from the Wallace Monument. The Stirling Castle is on a rock/hill to the left.

The tacky tourist statue of Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart under the Wallace Monument. Wallace is the hero of Scotland (has to do with the Scots vs. English things in the past). The man was brutally butchered when he was betrayed by his own man. The word of the day is FREEDOM!!

We passed by the James Bond country. It was the place where the author the original series (books) sketched the plots. Our guide even played the 007 theme when we were passing through it. Really got a feel of the place!




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