[ Loch Ness ] 尼斯湖怪出沒 !

The Dark and Mysterious.. Loch Ness!

Still got this stupid song that our guide sang stuck in my head: “What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? Is it a monster?" (*sung with proper accent)
Looks pretty real eh? It’s just a sticker on the window of our boat. LOL.

We hurried to Fort Augustus by the Dark and Mysterious… LOCH NESS for a show on the life of Highlanders. Got to see how the modern “Scottish" attire came about.

The original kilts were really just a huge woolen blanket (as shown in the demo here). Just throw a few misconception about Highlanders here: the different patterns of kilts do not differentiate the different clans. the bagpipes were instruments of war. they were meant to scare their opponents away (psych effect) along with their “Highlander Charge" (making sounds with their weapons on their metal shield). etc.

The Dark..and Mysterious.. LOCH NESS!
It was said that even if you gather every drop of water in England and Wales together, you still cannot fill up Loch Ness. That’s how much water there is in there.

Went on a boat cruise on Loch Ness.. in search of the famous LOCH NESS MONSTERS!

The essential instruments.

We do have the real, hardcore instruments on board – sonar! Photo 1: 3D reconstruction of the geological property of the bottom of the lake as we cruise along it. Photo 2: A graph that shows the organisms under water as detected by the instruments on board. Different colors represent different things. This particular graph put on at the moment was taken a few days ago – see anything big in there? Photo 3: The skipper of our boat is a marine biologist who has been studying Nessie (nickname of the Loch Ness Monsters) for years. Research info is confidential. keke. He was showing us a photo of the carcass/skeleton of a large creature taken from the bottom of the lake.

Back to Fort Augustus where we spent our night.

The misty Loch Ness in the next morning.
Do you believe Loch Ness Monsters really exist?

The next day we left Fort Augustus and headed toward Isle of Skye. Our first stop is the sexy Eilean Donan Castle. (Sexy is the word of the entire trip ’cause it’s just part of the tour’s slogan – Wild & Sexy. haha)




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