[ Highlands ] Ancient Sheep Poo Game

Highland traffic jam.

Our next destination: top of those mountains!

The hike looked more difficult than it looks here. It was steeper and it was REALLY WINDY up there. Not to mention the cliffs and the solidified sheep poos everywhere. It was definitely not a 20min hike as he told us.

The panoramic view from the top was breath-taking. Our guide pointed to the nearby rocky mountains and told us this is the land of the Fairies and the story of a man whose time was stolen by the fairies in exchange for the lives of his wife and son. The Fairies believed by the locals are not the Disney fairies. It was believed that these spirits keep your soul ’til you move up to Heaven or down to Hell. They will grant your wishes but they’ll steal something from you in return. The man met a tragic end as most stories like this goes.

For comic relief, Tony (our guide) grabbed a handful of dehydrated sheep poo on the ground and started an “ancient sheep poo game" with a few of our fellow tour mates. The game goes like this: (should be pretty self-explanatory?! Haha)




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