[ Highlands ] Culloden battlefeld

The Culloden battlefield where the last British civil war was fought. It was a war between the Highlanders (Scots) led by Bonnie Prince Charlie (Catholic) and the German (Protestant) king placed on the throne of England at the time. The Highlanders were butchered. The prince fled from the isles to France and lived a desolte life after abandoning his loyal troops to their fate. English troops swept through the countries and destroyed the Highland’s way of life to prevent the people from rising up again.

It’s a pretty sad story. Many Highlanders were basically butchered on the field (kinda like the Last Samurai scene I suppose). Their bodies were not buried ’til months later. It was said that so many people died (Highland warrior, women and children) that the blood was just flushed down to the river in Inverness.

As you walk on the weed-covered moor nowadays, you would feel that history has been trapepd here. The ghosts of both sides still continue to fight on the empty field. It was really quite creepy.

On a lighter note…~
Our guide has all kinds of props. He was so hilarious. The cool thing is that he could talk coherently and drive at the same time! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that.

Our Scottish guide in Nessie hat .

the Castle in Inverness. Not a medieval castle.




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