[ Birmingham ] 伯明罕大學

University of Birmingham, where I went on exchange to.

Arts Building Computer lab/lounge – before school starts.

My flat at the Tennis Court.

Shackleton Hall – The admin office for student residence in the Vale. It’s also where we get our meals with our meal plan. Takes about 5min to get there from my flat in Tennis Court if I jaywalk across the busy Edgbaston Park Road & about 10min if I walk to the traffic light and wait for the light to change.

Routine walk across the Vale & the lake from my residence to the Shackleton Hall.

Typical English breakfast at the dinning hall minus the beans (just hate it..).
I have this almost EVERYDAY.

My Rough Guide to England – There are more highlighting marks, circles, underlines & folding marks in the book than any other book that I ever owned.

My wall of postcards

My routine 20min walk to the nearest grocery/supermarket place – Tesco; my routine 45min walk to the city centre of Birmingham & China Town; my routine 40min walk to the office where I volunteered at.

Went to help out for a fundraising event held by the charity that I’m working with at the moment (I volunteer in the office with office work). It was a Curry & Quiz night. I sold 80 Pounds-worth of raffle ticket within the first 30mins. The people were generous!

One of the MANY big university-organized clubbing nights in the large club -The WORKS in Birmingham City Centre. This was just one of the 3 clubbing rooms.




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