[ Parksville ] Reminiscencing C.D. Friedrich

Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840) – German Romantic landscapist
The pink sky at sunset. Bonfire by the last piece of land not submerged under the seawater.
Parksville, Vancouver Island.

British landscapist John Constable did his cloud studies with his paint brushes. But that was 200 years ago. Now we do cloud studies too. But it’s very different.

Looking at the sky above our resort up on the cliff from the beach.
Parksville, Vancouver Island

Looking over the Georgia Strait to Vancouver.
Parksville, Vancouver Island.

…belongs to one’s memories.

We go to Parksville and Vancouver Island at least once a year. But sometimes you just don’t even remember how long you’ve not revisited a place. it’s a different feel every time you go back to a place. Time change, scenery change, people change…We all grew older as time goes on. But, whenever we set our sails for the special place on the island, we go to the quiet beach on a sunny afternoon when the tide is low and we walk to the edge of the ocean. Dig clams, play with seaweeds, chase the crabs around.. and nothing else.




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