[ East Sussex] Herstmonceux Castle

Queen’s Hestmonceux Castle
The medieval castle in southern England where I spent a semester studying art history, british studies and modern English literature. Fall 2005.

We were in the middle of nowhere. All around us were fields. & we wake up to the sound of cows outside of our residence at Bader Hall.

The Satellite Tracker site on my way to the Castle from my rez (Bader Hall). The Herstmonceux Castle was the home to the Royal Observatory of Greenwich. The Observatory was originally in Greenwich (outskirt of London). But it moved to the south of England (Herstmonceux Castle) because of the smog due to the war (World War). & now the observatory is in the Canary Islands. There are still some functioning astronomical equipments left here at a science centre at the east gate of the castle ground & this satellite laser tracker site which I passed by everyday because I needed to go to the castle for class & meals & all the rest.




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