[ Yaletown ] Rodney’s Oyster Bar

On my 2nd day in Vancouver (already mentioned Day 1 was gone before I started it), after having lunch at 1:30 or so and Starbucks at 4:00pm or so, we went to the Rodney’s Oyster Bar for pre-movie food. But I was too full to eat anything. I heard a lot of people recommending this place. But, honestly.. I thought it was…..

so-so. The place has a pretty rustic, seaport restaurant kind of feel with oysters covered in ice by the bar where the chef is seasoning the ones ordered by diners.

The ice in the water was a bit too much.. haha

standard seafood dish.

Fish. I guess this is sort of the not-so-standard one.

Interior deco of the Rodney’s Oyster Bar




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