[ Richmond ] Week-Full of Gatherings

This week has been truly insane. On top of the packing and cleaning up of the house and all the other business stuff, I ate out almost for every meal. So sick of eating out now haha.. But I’m so glad to have met so many dear friends in Vancouver! I didn’t get to meet up with all ‘though there’s simply not enough time and energy (& budget.. haha). But hopefully I’ll …

see them in Asia or in other parts of the world!

For one of the gatherings, we went to the Cactus Club on Granville and W. Broadway. I’ve been there twice already. We just thought it was a convenient location for most people and the food and place was quite nice. So we went there. It was so awesome to be able to catch up with friends and see what they have been up to! Seems like so many people are now moving on to grad-school application after a year or a few years after graduating from UBC. It makes me think that I should really get my act together and plan what I should do in the months to come.

Haven’t been back to my high school in ages! Nothing seems changed.. I think that’s one thing about Vancouver that you can easily feel when you have been away for some time – nothing really changes.. it simply continues to move in its slow pace. Maybe a minor change here and there, and maybe the traffic gets worse every year.. but nothing really changes much.




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