[ UBC ] 校園的櫻花季

Went to the UBC Campus to pick up some leMook magazines and the General Election Meeting. The cheery blossoms were everywhere! It was definitely quite pretty. The sky was also pretty so it was perfect for photos! 😀 It felt great returning to campus. It had a sort of relaxing feel, as if I were back to the old student days.

I guess that’s what people mean when they say they miss the old student days. Not exactly sure why one would miss those days ’cause back in those days, deadlines for assignments, essays, projects, and exams mercilessly drowned us. Then when we finally got out of it, we..

start to miss those days when you only had those things to worry about. It is kinda weird.

Pink Cherry Blossoms in their full bloom all across Vancouver. But I don’t even bother going elsewhere to see the blossoms just because I can see so much already on my university campus. ;p

Parked at the West Parkade near my department’s building. It’s not like I ever took any classes in the building. It’s more of a building for research labs and prof’s offices. Nevertheless, I still felt some connection to it.

More cherry blossoms.

Full of it!

Somehow the chemistry building looks much sleeker and prettier now the construction fences have been removed.

The glassy Korner Library still shinny to this day.

At the LE General Election Meeting. Shannie was on skype video from Japan. Thanks ot Lawrence for bringing the cakes after the gathering. It was definitely quite filling! & I loved to have met so many LErs on the day! 🙂




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