Check Point Charlie & Berlin Wall

Checkpoint Charlie was a sort of a “immigration" point on the edge of the Berlin wall which separated Berlin into the Allies’ West Germany and the Soviet’s East Germany. Many from the Eastern part attemped to escape via various means to get to the other side of the wall and many tragic stories of how many were tortured and killed as a result of attempting to run away from the eastern part. The landmark in the photo is near the Charlie Check Point but I’d say it doesn’t have much to do with the tragic stories of the 2 halves of Berlin. But you can see more photos of what remains of the area near Check Point Charlie in the Chinese-word link below.

The old and the new buildings near the Checkpoint Charlie.

Remains and fragments of the bloody history of Berlin. Berlin Wall.

Museum documenting this checkpoint.

You can now take touristy photos with these not-so-American-looking American soldiers in front of where the checkpoint house would have been.

Photos of the Charlie Checkpoint on the display boards in the open-air museum.

In a small and quiet street near the Checkpoint Charlie and the open-air Berlin Wall museum. This huge dream-like paper ball was actually placed right in front of the L’oreal office building. Not really sure why it was there but it looked cute! :p



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