[ Oxford ] Oxford College & Cafe Opium

So I’m temporarily skipping Hamburg, Luebeck, Frankfurt and London and jumping straight to Oxford. Will fill the gaps later on ’cause my big travel photo book thng is taking a bit of time to edit & I’ve got lots to catch up! Our last stop of the EU tour of July 2008 was to drop my sister off at Oxford and my parents & I will fly back to TPE. Oxford in summer was definitely more crowded than other times. We stayed at a old town house right behind my sister’s college. It was definitely SMALL and the floor and bed creak. But it’s an interesting experience staying at one of those old and tiny town houses that you often see at touristy places like this. The place in the photo is…

Cafe Opium. The name and the dark colors from the outside somehow reminds me of the Victorian opium dens in London that I studied about. So out of curiosity, we went there to ge our dinner.

The inteior is quite chic and elegant and the food was quite good too!

Cafe Opium 煙寨 in Oxford, on the way to the train station.

Tower House Hotel – I’d say it’s more like a B&B or Guest House rather than a Hotel. It’s pretty old and pretty small. It was a challenge to move our mega luggages up to the top floor in the narrow and not-very-even stairs. But I guess it’s interesting to stay at one of those houses you see on the street for once!

The interior. The ceiling is very low. I could almost hit the ceiling with my head.

Jesus College – Home to Jelly for the next while.

Dining Hall just like the Harry Potter one in the Christ Chuch College.

Chapel Organ in the college.

Lot of bikes.

The sort of college student food you can get here. (‘tho I think this is targeted more to tourists at this time of the year).

Penicillin was developed by Oxford scholar in 1939. The University Museum here attempts to document the important milestone in medical history.




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