E. Hemingway’s Cats, Lighthouse and Pub

[Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum. Key West, Florida]

Now home to 60 or so cats and one of the main attractions in the city, especially for Hemingway fans. They say Hemingway is a complicated man. He wrote great novels, was an alcoholic, got himself so depressed that he shot himself. I’ve only read his “Old Man and the Sea" (American literature was never really a main part of our curriculm in our Canadian system) and didn’t really get much out of it. I must be missing something important but all I knew at the time when I read it (high school) was this book was althogh this book was thin, it was pretty difficult to get through. Perhaps if …

I read it again, I’d think differently.

Hemingway lived at this house for more than 10 years.

At the entrance into the house, there was this 6-paw cat. Some cats on this ground are descendents of the of Hemingway’s cats.

I didn’t expect to see cats all over the place in this property because normally you will not expect to find pets in museums. Am I correct to assume that?

Photos of Hemingway and his company.

Hemingway’s house in Key West.

Lighthouse – a landmark in the city is right beside the house. Once someone said it was wise for Hemingway to choose this house because when he got himself too drunk at night in the bars, he could at least still find his way home by looking for the lighthouse.

Stairs leading to Hemingway’s writing studio.

In the writing room.

The garden, cat house, and swimming pool.

These cats were all named after famous people. For instance, this one is called Charley Chaplin. It must be one of the most photographed cats in this place.

They should have an index of the name of the cats here. There were so many!

Someho thought this one looked more like a jaguar… or some wild animal in a forest.

White cat by the swimming pool built by Pauline (Hemingway’s wife) at a time of economic depression.

The museum was closing. We made it there 20 minutes before it closed.

I wonder if the cats can speak the many foreign languages listed on there.

Look at the cat’s paw! Doesn’t it look a bit strange?

The original “Sloppy Joes" where E. Hemingway drank his days and nights away is now called Cape Tony’s Salooon.

[ Light Dance ]

The place in here is actually a key lime pie shop with lots of Christmas lights decorating the exterior.
E. Hemingway Home & Museum Official Website:





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