[ London ] The Science and Art of Medicine

[  倫敦 第一站 ] First Stop – London.

So the journey beings with a trip to the Science Museum with this exhibition about the “Science and Art of Medicine" just because we forgot to bring the umbrella (in our luggage) and needed a place to wait for the rain to pass. It turned out to be… (continue reading.. )

沒想到吧?  我們還是脫不了這個. 第一天為了躲不在氣象報告中的倫敦雨, 我們躲進了醫學歷史的展覽裡. 卻在裡面發現了…

… 許多有趣和值得學習的地方.
…. pretty fascinating and intriguing. Quite a lo of things to learn too.

This so happened to be the exhibition of the time.


“Rules to be observed by the patient".  I guess you’re not allowed to do that anymore… lol.
以前醫院要病患遵守的一些事項. 第一句就叫病人乖乖聽話
 I like the way of displaying scientists or chemists or physicians working desk in a display.
這博物館中的 display 方式都很不一樣.
The other kind of London skyline.
從 Science Museum 頂樓房間看出去的倫敦景色也很不錯.
Some pump system that looks old, complicated and over-sized.
一組看起來很大,很複雜的 pump.

Medicine and drugs.

Manual Resuscitator – the very old style.
人工呼吸球 – 現在應該很少看到這種風琴 style 的吧.


Portable anesthetic apparatus.


Trach tube.



A pharmacy and the kind of guests at its time.


I didn’t photoshop this at all. It was a reflection of another display on the glass of a display. But it just looks so juxtaposed.
我沒修過這張圖. 它是兩個展示在玻璃窗上的重疊.


If I ever have a museum, I like this way of displayng the stories and context of the items displayed.
如果我要弄一間博物館的話, 我想我應該會用這樣的程列方式.

Other than the medical related ones, there were also other exhibitions at the Science Museum. These are just some photos taken there:
除了跟醫學有關的, 還有一些和醫學無關的展:


This is about the different materials people use to make things.
This is part of an exhibition about plastic. And this a “chandelier" made up of the kind of cheap pens you can find quite easily.

這是一個關於塑膠的展. 這個是由許多那種很便宜的原子筆組起來的燈. 看起來也可以很華麗吧!

Science Museum  倫敦科學博物館 
– The Science and Art of Medicine (permanent)
W: http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/visitmuseum/galleries/science_and_art_of_medicine.aspx
A: Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London.

More photos on MY FLICKR:





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