[ East Sussex ] 回學校去! Herstmonceux

[  終於回學校啦! ]  Our 3 quid journey back to school.

There’s just something about Herstmonceux that makes people want to come back for it again and again. It is, in fact, in the middle of nowhere. But the thing is, the castle is also a place with lots of memories. This is a 13th century castle. Home to the Greenwich Royal Observatory when London was too polluted during… (continue reading…)

這次回來 UK 特別回 Herstmonceux 拿些學校的東西.  Herstmonceux 城堡是2005年我到 UK 讀的一所屬於加拿大皇后大學 (Queen’s University) 的 Study Centre. 平時的課程和早午晚餐都在這座 13 世紀的城堡裡進行. 學生的宿舍在附近 (新的建築). 這座城堡的四周….

…. 什麼都沒有, 最近的小鎮要走30分鐘,  可以說是超不方便的.. 而且很難想像在這麼 isolated 的地方住上半年到一年吧? 不過, 這座城堡實在是太美了, 讓所有來過這的學生在畢業後仍想回來看看.

…. the World Wars and before the Obseratory moved elsewhere. With a special discount for all the transportation to the castle (3 GBP for rail tickets; family-like taxi driver + fixed rate for castle students), I guess we were just very lucky and happy to be back!

Haven’t been back to London Victoria for a LONG time!!
好久不見的維多利亞火車站. 假日這邊比較不忙.


Ready to leave!

Welcome back to school!!
1.5hr 的火車 + 15 min taxi ride, 我們到了好久不見的學校!

Canadian geese! They look happy here.

Huge trees here.


Yes.. There’s a red phone booth here as well. I think I only used it once.
這邊也有 UK 的紅色公共電話亭.

The castle is not open to visitors. But we’re not vistors. xD
城堡本身是不開放給外面的人參觀的. 但我們又不是外人. :p


The old scary library door.

Hall of alumni photos outside of the seminar rooms.


The small secret door to the dungeon in Seminar Room 6.


Yup. There’s a dungeon in a classroom. Good for throwing the bad students in. lol. Just kidding.
這就是地牢啦! 可以把不乖的學生丟到下面去. (開玩笑的啦~!)

Staircase to the 2nd floor.
到 2 樓的階梯.

The Elizabethan Room.

The Queen walked on those stairs.

The Headless Dummer Pub is not open today.
城堡裡唯一的學生酒吧 (名為: 沒有頭的鼓手 – 這邊傳的一個鬼故事) 今天沒開.

The tiny spiral stairs (aka the secret pathway) I took to reach the small tower room for violin and voice practice.
到城堡一個 tower 的窄小螺旋階梯. 以前有時候回到那小房間練小提琴或聲樂.

I used to practice/play piano after dinner or for the whole afternoon on weekend in this ballroom. The piano would be placed behind the stacked chairs to the right side of the photo.
這是 ballroom -屬於比較正式場合的 venue. 這邊有台在窗邊的三角鋼琴 (在照片右邊那堆椅子後面), 之前我最喜歡在晚餐後或假日在城堡時在這彈蕭邦&貝多芬. xP


The old piano I used to play is this German one. I guess now it has retred.


The old dusty + staned piano just like I rememberd.


We sneaked in to the Shakespeare garden. The plants/flowers in here are all mentioned in Shakespeare’s works.
我們偷偷跑進鎖起來的莎士比亞花園. 這邊的花和植物都是在莎士比亞的 plays 出現過的.
A flower grass bed.
Not sure what we should do with it.
Lots of peacocks on the castle ground. But this was my 2nd time seeing them. Never managed to walk out this far again ever since the orientation day.
這邊有許多孔雀. 但這是我第二次看到它們 (自從來城堡第一天的城堡導覽後就沒走到這裡過)
The Runes Park.

Looks like we’re in some forest. The castle ground is huge. Some students would do their morning jog around the castle ground.
看起來很像在樹林裡吧? 城堡的領地很大. 早上有些學生回到這晨跑.


Walking back to the castle from the back gardens.

Tearoom, giftshop and washrooms – The area that would be open to visitors when the castle is open to visitors.
給外訪的人的 tea room, giftshop 和洗手間. 今天這些也都沒開, 不然天氣熱一點時在這喝茶是不錯

The clouds were coming in.

It still pretty much felt like winter.

The bloody English weather kicked in and it got REALLY cold and windy and cloudy so it was time to leave.
本來還想到附近的小教堂(有點 creepy 的老教堂), 宿舍&天文台的 stations, 結果實在太冷,我們回到 castle 裡。


A few of my favourite profs are still around!!
教授的信箱. 許多教授都還在!


Final photo shoot.

Don’t know when we’ll come again.

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