[ Cornwall ] The Courtyard Cottage

[ 在一個超遙遠但很像家的一個地方 ]

The first day of Easter holiday is a nightmare for train travel. You wouldn’t believe it. It’s a bit traveling in Taiwan or China on the first day of the Chinese New Year holiday. But maybe less crazy because there are not as many people here I guess. So we were off to the southwestern edge of England where… (continue reading…)

英國的復活節假期是個很像過農曆年的假日, 假期的第一天搭火車是個充滿戲劇性的 prelude. 但有時候旅行就是要有這些哭笑不得的 “我的天啊" moments 才會有不一樣的故事可以說吧. :p 這次托朋友的福可以到在大英帝國地圖上最….

…. we stayed at a cottage near a small town called Camborne in Cornwall. Not sure where it is? Maybe you’ll see it later~

Waiting at the Exeter St. Davids Station for the transfer train.

The first day of Easter holiday is a nightmare for train travel. You wouldn’t believe it. I thought I saw the painting of “The Last of England" right in front of my eyes. Our train was over its max capacity with luggages tumbling over and people jamming up the humanely possible corners; the train was pretty much air-deprived and someone had a medical emergency half way so the train had to stop at some station and had the person carried out to an ambulance. Then we carried on. Getting off the train was insane too.

所以從 London Paddington 搭的火車完全沒位就算了, 站票還幾乎沒有 limit! 還好我沒 reserve 到位子但還是很好運的在 “問題車廂" 中找到了個沒有被 reserve 的座位. 為什麼是問題車箱呢? 因為後來我們那個擠到不行+快沒空氣的車箱中有人昏倒了. 所以火車在中途的一個站停了下來, 把整個車廂站著的人和檔在走廊的行李先全部清到月台上. 把那人運出去後再把大家裝回去. 還好之後的一站我就下車了, 不過下火車也算超困難的. 真是夠精彩.

View from the car – a drive from Exeter to the cottage.
後來的一路車外風景. 一片又一片的大草原.

Finally here! It’s like a old + big mansion. This is where we stayed for the weekend.
最後終於到了! 看起來很像個大洋房的典雅建築. 這就是我們這次 weekend 住的地方.


The cottage is kinda remote. & don’t know why it reminds me of the Gosford Park movie. xp
但這邊真的還算滿 remote. 有點會讓人聯想到 Gosford Park 那部電影.

Other blocks in the same complex and our temporary neighbors.


Forgot to adjust the ISO back so a few photos turned out too be super-overly exposed.
不好意思有幾張照片的 ISO 調破表沒注意到, 所以結果就是這樣過度曝光.

The kitchen has a window. I like how the whole room is so well lit by natural light. It felt a bit like our Vancouver home.
廚房有個小窗戶讓外面的光可以照進來. 整間屋子看起來就是很亮很清爽, 感覺有點像我們以前溫哥華的家.

Homey interior deco and colors.
很homey 的室內裝飾和色彩.

Guys’ room on the first floor.

We just saw wooden rocking horses like this at the Harrods a few days ago. They look a bit freaky..
話說前幾天才在 Harrods 看到這種木馬… 看到這個就想到 D.H. Lawrence’s  Rocking Horse Winner 那種 thriller.


View of living room from the second floor.
從二樓看下去 living room.

Master bedroom on the second floor.

The other room on the second floor.
樓上的另一個房間. 陽光明媚的另一個早晨. 房間的採光都不錯.


Our master breakfast chef.
Alf 大廚是我們每天早上的早餐主廚. Agnes 姐實在太幸福啦! x)


Don’t think I’ve had a proper breakfast ever since leaving Tpe.
好像自出家門後就沒吃過 “正常" 的早餐. :p  超豐盛的啦!
Near the cottage is a natural park with trails for walks, bikes or horses. There’s also a large golf course.
Cottage 附近的公園, 可以走,騎單車或騎馬 (當然都是要自備). 那邊還有個滿大的高爾夫球場.

The Courtyard, Tehidy Park
(near Camborne, Cornwall).
on Cottages4You website.
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