[ Cornwall ] 一片彩虹的 St. Ives

[ 一片彩虹的 St. Ives ]

Named the “most famous of Cornish holiday towns", St. Ives was rather quiet when we visited. It was definitely quite cold as well. Other than that title, I looked… (continue reading…)

St. Ives 是個據說在 Cornwall 來說最有名的渡假小鎮之一. 除了這個響噹噹的 title 之外,這個小鎮有什麼非常特別的地方呢?仔細詳讀了….



…. hard into its touism website to find something that I could elaborate but…. hmm.. it was kinda hard. So let’s just say, it was a nice, pretty little seaside town. xp
St. Ives – the town by the sea. Suppose to be a popular spot for tourism but it was pretty quiet when we were there.
St. Ives 是個在海邊的小鎮, 照理說應該放假時是會有很多觀光客 (比較偏英國其它地方來的).
The small town is quite photogenic and the water is pretty clean/clear too.
很像風景畫的燈塔. 這邊的海水也還滿清澈的.
But I think it was still a bit too cold here in early April, especially with the sea wind. I guess that’s also why we didn’t see a lot of other visitors.
但四月果然還是有點太冷了. 尤其是到海邊. 難怪整個城鎮好像沒什麼人.

Sometimes you can capture the temperature of a place. Can you see it here?
冷的世界是可以用照片寫出來的. 你感覺的到嗎?


It was rainng/drizzling from time to time. That was a bit annoying but we got to see the whole rainbow.
雨和太陽一直很 moody 的換來換去. 不過也因為這樣我們有了整道彩虹.
I think this is kinda funny. What kinds of local honey is for sale hier? lol.
Impressions of the Cornish landscape – you can get the compact version here.
Sunset by the beach.

Our late dinner was at this recommended restaurant.
Finding the restaurant is kinda a game in itself.

The Loft and Terrace Restaurant
A: Norway Lane, St. Ives, Cornwall.
W: http://www.theloftrestaurantandterrace.co.uk/


The gem like mysterious colors of St. Ives in the evening.
St. Ives 晚上很像神秘寶石藍的色彩.
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