[ Cornwall ] The Edges of Lands, Sea and Sky

[ 天空為什麼是藍色的 ]

“Why is the sky blue?" So someone came up with this question on the car and I just saw an advert with this line as I wrote this post. So why is the sky blue? I can tell you precisely… (continue reading…)

在寫這則 post 時剛好看到一則公益廣告標題, 我們也曾在車上有這個 discussion. 所以為什麼天空是藍的呢? 先插話一下, 照片中的這個地方是…

… Cornwall 的一座露天戲院. Back to the topic, 天空為什麼是藍的呢? 我可以告訴你 precisely + scientifically 為什麼海是藍的, 但天空是什麼顏色?  看你的心情啦! (很想 K 我吧?! lol!)

…. why the ocean is blue. But why is the sky blue? You can have a very scientific answer. But why is it blue? It might not be blue really. It can all depend on your mood and how you look at it.  xP

一早的天氣都超不可信的. 翻臉比快的.
The weather was unpredictable and it changed so fast that before you were all prepared for it, it went over to the other end of its moodiness. But among all the uncertainty, one thing was for sure: it was cold.

When one’s in Cornwall, this is the place to go.

海浪濤濤. 這個掉下去, 應該就直接去見海龍王了吧.
Huge and scary waves. You wouldn’t want to be near it really. The guy is standing on a ciff blooking down at the sea by the way. So the wave was actually larger than you see here.

The Godrevy Lighthouse. Built in 1859. This lighthouse was also the source of inspiration for Virigina Woolf’s “To the Lighthouse". Looks a bit stormy eh?

這個 Godrevy 燈塔除了是個看起來很 lonely 的燈塔外, 這個站在這一百多年的白色建築還是英國女作家Virginia Woolf (維吉尼亞. 吳爾芙) 的名作 “燈塔行" 的靈感來源.

結果突然好端端的下了傾盆大雨. 只好很落魄的衝回車上. 不過看遠方的老夫老妻居然還慢慢地推者助行器在雨中走著..
Then the heavy rain came all the sudden. We ran bac to the car. But from the car window, we could see a old couple still walking slowly in the heavy rain.

我們到了什麼 End 呢?
What’s the End about?

我們到了一個叫 " Lands End " 的地方, 顧名思義就是 “Where the Land Ends" (沒了地的地方).
We got to a place that was “Where the Land Ends". It’s the most western tip of England.

How sweet! 不過這種天氣來這裡渡蜜月, 這對夫妻真有同甘共苦的冒險精神.
這邊你可以付費把你離你的城市多遠的公里數放上這. 所以我離溫哥華是 3,267km, 離台北是 7,316 km.
You could take photos here with your hometown mileage info on here. So apparently I was 3,267km from Toronto, 5,157 km from Vancouver and 7,316 km from Taipei.


這個是個沒用的信箱. 不過它上面說它是第一個也是最後一個信箱 (???)
The first and last mailbox in England (don’t really get what that means because our PHIL 100 prof taught us 1 thing cannot be A and cannot be not A at the same time; it’s a logical fallacy… ANYWAY). It’ out of use and just thought it was kinda pointless. lol.

沒想到這種大風大雨大浪的海邊還有農場吧? (雖然看不到多少 farm animals).
Can’t imagine there’s a farm in a place like this (big sea wind + rain + waves) eh?

The Minack Theatre – The Cornwal “Theatre Under the Stars", created by a woman named Rowena Cade.
這是個在 1920s 蓋在海邊的一座露天戲院.

平時這個戲院是有開放給人參觀的. 晚上有時候也有表演.
You can visit the theatre without having to watch a play here…in the day time. But you can also see what they’re performing here from time to time.

Seats for audience. Each one seems to have the name of a play on it. But the way it’s done makes it look tomb stones ‘though…
觀眾的座位. 每個"椅背"上都刻了個戲劇的名字. 不過這樣看起來有點像墓碑的說…

一開始在這戲院上演的戲碼大部分都是莎士比亞的劇. 有點像溫哥華夏天的 “Theatre Under the Stars" 或 “Bard on the Beach"  的那種感覺.
The plays that the theatre put on initially were mostly Shakespeare plays. The whole setting feels a bit like the “Theatre Under the Stars" or “Bard on the Beach" Shakespeare events in Vancouver during summer time.

Minack Theatre Official Website: http://www.minack.com/


Group photo. x)

St. Michaels Mount – 星期天居然沒開. 不過大家特別開去那邊讓我拍照 (超感謝的), 不然我想未來的十年我應該不會經過這裡了吧. xp 不過這邊這個 St. Michaels Mount 超像法國 Nomandy 的一個 Mount Saint Michel . 除了名字像, 那個 fortress 也是在退潮 的時候可以走路過去, 滿潮是就要坐船過去. 我超想去法國的那個!! 之前的那部 Mind Walk (有點 philosophical 的電影就是在那拍的!)

St. Michaels Mount was not open on Sunday. 😦 But this place looks quite similiar to the Mount Saint Michel in France! You could walk to the fortress when it’s low tide and have to take a boat over if it’s high tide.

St. Michaels Mount Official Website: http://www.stmichaelsmount.co.uk/


The doggie has its own sense of adventure (pronounce in the French way).
This is in Newquay – a seaside paradise for surfing.

Newquay – The Huer’s Hut from the 14th-century possibly.

Newquay 看起來像沙塵暴的海邊.  其實只是水霧,陽光和超級冷的海風.
Newquay beach – looks a bit like sand storm. But really.. it’s just water + sunshine + super cold sea wind.

意到照片天空的顏色嗎? 這是同一天的照片. 天氣果然很無法預期吧? 只能 “pray" 不要大風大雨啦. So you noticed the color of the skies in the photos? I told you it was kinda unpredictable. :p

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