[ Richmond ] 再訪我們之前的 “家"

[  回之前的家  ]

After our month-long trip around the globe, we’re finally making to our last major stop – Vancouver. It was or home for 1/2 of my being and it is one of the most breath-taking places in the world. When you speak of Vancouver to most people who have been there, you would… (continue reading…)

我們繞了地球一圈, 終於到了最後一站, 也是我們住了十幾年的地方 – 溫哥華. 溫哥華才在幾個月前舉辦了冬季奧運, 是個有好山好水適合喜愛戶外活動和大自然的退休勝地. 每個到過溫哥華的人都..,

…. 會認為這是世界上最美的城市之一.  而且這邊的美食也是世界數一數二. 有人說這邊的中國料理都還比亞洲的好. 有點讓人驚訝吧?

… always get the same response from them: most of them will say it’s one of the most beautiful ciies they’ve ever been. & I would agree with them. Other than the scenery, the food in Vancouver is also quite famous, especially the Chinese cuisine. Some say that the Chinese food here is actually better than what you get in Asia!


Waiting outside of the domestic terminal at the YVR. Haven’t been back to Vancouver for 2 years now I think. Excited to be back! 🙂 The airport is actually located in the city of Richmond (count as in the Greater Vancouver).
在溫哥華國內線外等飯店接駁車, 應該有兩年沒回來了吧! 有時候還是會想念這個好山好水~ :p

On our way from the airport to the hotel nearby in a city that we knew so well before the Olympics.
從機場到 hotel 經過我之前每天上班或上課需要經過的河.


Gift from Jenn~~! The Olympics Quatchi!! So Cute!! :DDD
好友送的2010冬奧公仔. 超可愛的啦!!


View from Hilton Airport Hotel of Richmond and the snow-covered mountains of Vancouver.
從我們住的房間看 Richmond 的景, 這邊屬於飛機航道下, 所以房子都不能建很高.

We went to what was our favourite Japanese restaurant near our old house. But it was not as good anymore so officially no reason for us to go back to that area anymore.
到了舊家附近一間之前我們超愛的日本料理店 (很道地), 不過這次去發現換人了&有點退步, 看來又少一個留戀的地方啦.

It is sort of the season for King Crabs. & You can get this from Chinese super markets. It’s just that you probably don’t have a large enough oven or pan to cook this thing.
某個中午跑去王府井吃帝王蟹, 畢竟還是在溫哥華吃這個才是最讚的.


How the head was cooked. Actually, it was used more like a bowl to put crab meat fried rice.

Big king crab yields 2 big plates of king crab legs cooked this way.

We drove the riverside where we often went after dinner when we use to live here.
傍晚在菲沙(Fraser River) 河口的夕陽.

The view there is still spectacular.
之前我們常來這, 這邊的景還是無限美好.
The sunset is still beautiful.

Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf. You can watch whales here – need to go on a whale-watching boat ‘tho.
Steveston 漁人碼頭可以坐船出去賞鯨.
We made our way to the Steveston Harbour – a small historic fishing village in Richmond. The best time to come here is during sunset because the water and the scenery is just so breath-taking.
Steveston 是個滿有歷史的捕魚小鎮. 在二次世界大戰前這裡就有許多日本漁民在這定居.

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