[ Victoria ] Empress and her Highness

 [ 聽英國人說這是個比英國還英國的地方 ]

Victoria is where the seat of Parliament is for the Province of BC. It’s a not-so-big city located at the southern tip of the Vancouver Island (a pretty large island just off the coast of Vancouver). A old English lady I met in a southern town some years ago in England once told me, the people here in Victoria are more “English" than the real English. What she meant…. (continue reading…)

維多利亞位於溫哥華島 (溫哥華外海有個還滿大的島) 的南方, 是卑詩省的省政廳所在處, 這地方在我3年前在英國南方的一個小鎮的書店閒逛時,老闆娘跟我們說, 她去過維多利亞, 那裡的人讓她覺得比…

… 英國人還英國人… 不太確定她指的是什麼, 不過這個地方也許就像魁北克, 老舊的法文一到了北美就像被冰封的保留住了, 這邊的英國移民在幾百年前移到這就被冰封在這個島上了吧.

… I didn’t quite get it. But I guess it’s something like the old French preserved by the Quebecois after their ancestors moved to Canada. The old “Englishness" is preserved here on an island thousands of miles away from its origin.

Waiting to board the ferry to Vancouver Island. The ferry ride takes about 2 hours.
等待前往溫哥華島渡輪的車, 搭渡輪過去大概需要2小時。

Almost at the Swartz Bay – the ferry terminal closest to Victoria on the Vancouver Island.
渡輪快要到了 Swartz Bay – 離溫哥華島上的維多利亞最近的渡輪港口.


We’ve been to Victoria several times in the past but we never stayed at this landmark of Victoria. The Fairmount Empress Hotel is one of the more expensive hotels here. But we thought we probably won’t be visiting again anytime soon and we’ve never stayed here before so this is where we stayed this time!

之前來過維多利亞但一直沒住過帝后飯店, 這次想到可能回很久都不來這了, 所以就住看看啦.


The tulips outside of the Empress Hotel in full bloom.

Out of the elevator to the hallway of the hotel. The hotel inside is a bit like a maze and quite big. & Apparently the basement of the hotel is haunted!! Glad that we didn’t know that then. Otherwise we’d be scared every time we go down to the basement for our car.
帝后飯店出了電梯到房間的一景. 飯店裡面有點像個迷宮. & 後來才聽說原來這飯店是有鬧鬼的!!! 還好之前不知道…虧我們們都要到地下室去牽車.

The room is just so-so ‘though.
這個百年的飯店的房間看起來 ok 而已.

The door colors of the dining rooms/restaurants in the hotel.
飯店裡很暗的 classic 餐廳.


The restaurant/dining rooms have a very classy and old-look to it.
真的很有老英國的 fu.


 The afternoon tea at this hotel is supposedly very famous. This is where the afternoon tea place is.
這邊的下午茶聽說很有名, 左邊這就是吃下午茶的地方.
The afternoon tea apparently costs 44 CAD per person (excluding tax and tips). It claims that most people need to reserve 2 weeks ahead. But honestly, with the service we saw, the price is so not worth it. We went around 4pm and waited behind another couple for the waiters/hosts to come greet us. But there was no host/hostess at the desk and the waiters/waitress were just wondering by here and there, ignoring us. Not looking any busy indeed but just didn’t bother to greet the guests apparently. Then the couple before us left saying  “I guess they’re just not interested in serving us." So we continued to wait until finally someone came and he told us the afternoon tea for today is actually finished. We’re like WTF??? You could’ve just told us earlier instead of keeping us wait here, especially when there was no sign that says the ending time for the afternoon tea. It’s such a shame for a 5 star hotel with this kind of service.
這邊的下午茶要價每個人 44 加幣 (還未加稅 & 小費), 但聽說還是要兩週前預訂?! 不過老實說以這樣的價位來說他們的服務真的是超爛. 客人站在 entrance 等服務生來等了老半天, 服務生看到又裝作沒看到, 有些客人就說 “看來他們是不削來 greet 我們". 等了超久服務生終於過來時就說下午茶已經結束了, 那時真的是想罵 “K, 沒了也不早講, 結束時間沒寫出來就算了, 還讓我們等那麼久, 浪費我們的時間." 真沒五星級 hotel 的格調.

Walking out on the main shopping street of downtown Victoria.


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