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[ 這可以算另一個家嗎?]

It was like our home by the beach for a few days. When we used to live in Vancouver, we’d go to Parksville on the Vancouver Island almost once every year. We’d stay at a resort by the beach and dig clams (you could easily get buckets of it) or go along the coast to find oysters. This is… (continue reading…)

Parksville 是個在溫哥華島比較偏中北邊的小鎮, 這邊有甚麼超大景點嗎?其實沒有. 但這邊是個 perfect 的 family weekend holiday 景點, 之前住在溫哥華時每年幾乎都一定會全家來這, 住在海邊的 resort 幾天, 在退潮的沙灘上挖蛤蠣或海岸邊找蚵…

… 當然, 這邊如果要抓螃蟹或捕蛤蠣都是要買證,  而且還要注意一些事項 (例如繁殖期, 大小, 公母等..) 不過這次我們沒來東挖西挖, 天氣還是有點冷, 光腳走在沙灘上就很不錯啦!

… what we would call a true get-away from city life. Of course, to bring any clams home, you’ll need to purchase a license (it doesn’t cost a lot from what I remembered). To catch anything.. like crab you’ll also need to purchase a license. We didn’t do that this time. For one thing, it was still pretty cold. & It was just relaxing to be spending some quiet time there. Would definitely recommend the resort we stayed at!


The resort is quite new. Viewed from the beach.
我們之前都是住另外一間resort, 但那間和這間比起來, 這間看起來好多了, 也更新!這是從海灘看 resort 的建築.
This suite only has 1 “bedroom", the other bed is the sofa bed here. We got awesome view at least! The room can actually be linked to the room next door so if we booked both rooms, it’d be a perfect holiday apartment! Can probably have max. 8 people with the combined rooms.
我們的房間裡只有一間臥室, 另一張床就是客廳裡的沙發床. 不過, 其實這間和隔壁房間是可以相通的, 所以如果把隔壁的小房間訂下來, 這裡最多可以睡 8 人.

Got everything we need in the kitchen in the suite.


There’s even a washing machine and dryer!

View from the master bedroom.


Easy access to the beach! The tides are out. The beach will be pretty much gone when the tide comes in.
退潮時要走到 “海邊" 還真是遙遠, 不過漲潮時這邊都會被淹沒.


View of the resort from the beach during low tide.
Crabs in the intertidal zone. Some were quite small. The ones in the photo are about the size of my cell phone.
海灘上的螃蟹, 有些很小, 這兩隻大概有手機的大小.

All sorts of other sea life in the intertidal zone. This one is still alive. Normally it’s half buried under the sand.

There are clams as big as our foot.

Big snack for the seagull.

Flying away with the big snack in its mouth.
可能怕我搶牠的食物, 牠刁著大 clam 就飛啦.


Another sort of graveyard…


The beach at night when the tide comes in.
漲潮時, 窗外的景.


Another view of the water from our room.

Lots of birds having a dine out when the tide is coming in.

We drove to the resort where we used to stay at almost every time we came here before.
一天晚上我們開車到之前每次來這我們幾乎都會住的 hotel.

This is the restaurant of the old resort where we used to stay at. We would usually spend at least 1 dinner here when we stayed here. The food is ok.
這是那舊resort 的餐廳, 之前我們住這時, 偶爾會在這吃. 食物是還 ok 啦.


A dish.. probably fish.
Tigh Na Mara Resort & Spa
Location: Parksville, B.C., Canada
Website: http://www.tigh-na-mara.com/
There’s a restaurant in the Beach Club Resort as well. But there’s not as many options there in terms of menu items. This is a photo of what we had at the restaurant in Beach Club Resort.
我們的resort 也有餐廳, 不過選擇比較沒另一間的多.

Beach Club Resort
Location: Parksville, B.C.
Official Website: http://www.beachclubbc.com/

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