[ Midlands ] Warwick 的鄉村風


[Warwick 平靜中的喧譁]

The schedule for this trip was pretty intense. It was pretty much office->dinner->hotel->morning gym session->office->dinner->hotel, etc. The dinner restaurants are nice restaurants and I took a… (continue reading…)

Warwick 是個有點 “中世紀" 的城市. 這裡有個大城堡, 裡面還有的著名的鬼屋樂園. 這個城鎮的白天和晚上的人氣差很多… 而且街道和餐廳裡的人氣也差很多. 早上和晚上, 我們住的這裡 (也就是 Wariwick 的 highstreet)… “靜". 但當你進去餐廳時又會發現…

….裡面擠滿了人. 這次的 schedule 實在很 packed. 每天就只有去辦公室->去晚餐餐廳->回hotel->一大早上健身房操練->辦公室->回hotel. 所以要去逛甚麼? 不可能啦!回房都11:30pm, 一回去就想倒下去睡, 因為隔天 6:00am就要起床啦!

…… nice morning walk on the last day before I leave UK around the small old town center to capture some images of this city.



這是我們被安排住的 hotel. 就在 Warwick hightstreet 上面. 這應該是棟滿老的建築, 不過裡面都有被翻得很新, 除了隔音的部份完全不行 (可以聽到隔壁人的對話.. 而且很清楚). 一大早還有附近人加的孔雀在那邊叫…本來還以為是貓.
The hotel that was arranged for us in Warwick (on the highstreet of Warwick). It’s a pretty old house with nice modern renovations. But the sound proof part is not there really… cause you can definitely hear your next door neighbors talking or the peacocks making loud sounds early in the morning.


The streets on a weekday is so quiet around here. You don’t see many people around. And the stores are, of course, closed.


The Art Kitchen: 第二天晚餐去的餐廳, 就在我們飯店對面的街上. 這間泰式餐廳的料理也很不錯, 裡面也是滿滿都是人.
The place where we had our 3rd night dinner. It was a 3-min walk away from our hotel. The food at this Thai restaurant was also pretty good and it was packed with people.

The Art Kitchen: http://www.theartkitchen.com/



出了 hotel 門口往左看就會看到 highstreet 一直走下去會看到這個看起來還滿有趣的房子. 猜猜它是甚麼?
Walking down the highstreet and you see this interesting-looking house. Guess what it is?


這是個字譯上看起來像老醫院的地方.但其實一開始不是個醫院, 是個 14~15世紀一個君主 (? Lord?)給他退休的下屬和其親戚住的地方.
This is the Lord Leycester Hospital. From the 15th century, this group of old buildings were acquired and endowed by the earl of Leycester as a home for retired servicemen and their wives.


外面看起來有點像玩具屋. 可惜這次沒時間來這.. (我能去的時間它都沒開..)
Looks a bit like a old toy house. Too bad I didn’t get to visit the place this time. :/


最後一晚的 Closing dinner 到了一間氣氛很棒的餐廳 – Saxon Mill. 這間餐廳就在河旁邊, 而且餐廳裡有點像哈比人的木頭房子, 還有個仍在轉動的水車.<br>
We had our closing dinner at The Saxon Mill, a very nice restaurant by the river with a old running mill.


這間餐廳的氣氛很美好. 但人實在非常多! 而且上菜超慢. 我們8點到, 晚上10點我們的 main course 才上!
The restaurant has a very nice ambience and it is quite busy as well. But they were a bit slow in delivering our orders.


很詩情畫意的景色. 有莫內的畫的 fu~ 很多人都寧可坐戶外.
A lot of people choose to sit outdoor to enjoy the scenery.


最後的一晚的晚餐!  食物還不錯, 這看起來也很可口吧~
The last dinner here. Food was pretty good here as well.

The Saxon Mill Riverside Pub & Dining: http://www.saxonmill.co.uk/


這個是 Warwick 市中心到處可看到的地圖.
A map of Warwick you can find on the streets.
這是 Warwick 城堡進去的大門之一.
This is the entrance gate of the Warwick Castle.

要往更裡面走才要收錢, 但是看到那一路沒有人+黑漆漆+陰森的就超不想進去 (就是怕被吞掉啦)…
You can walk to the castle before you get charged for entering the actual castle. But this path looked pretty quiet and dark and a bit spooky so I scrapped that idea and walked away.

這邊可以遠眺 Warwick 城堡還有運河. 聽說是明信片等級的拍照點.
The most photographed angle of the Warwick Castle from the distance.
The river and canal that runs along the edge of the city.

Warwick 小小的火車站. 又要離開UK了!
Leaving Warwick & UK. Heading for London Heathrow.


More photos on my flickr slideshow:




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