[ 上海 ] 田子裡的樣樣驚奇

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[ I 囍 S H ] 田子裡的樣樣驚奇

Tianzifang is a place where the old Shikumen style of architecture is preserved and a popular place for artists and photographers. There are many art galleries and small designer… (continue reading…)

在這邊常聽到的一個建築上的詞兒就是 “石庫門". 沒做功課的我就是一頭霧水在那邊想到底那是甚麼碗糕? 上海新天地的  “石庫門" 是新與舊的結合, 田子坊是少數比較有保留舊有的石庫門氛圍的地方, 也是比較多藝術工作者的聚集地. 所以在小巷弄中, 你會看到….

… 許多滿有設計感的東西, 或是看起來值感還不錯的小物, 畫或攝影作品. 還滿 artsy 的.

… shops that sell many fun and interesting things.


很有古味的田子坊的牌樓 .
The Tianzifang Archway.


現在的田子坊保留了過去的繁華, 但多了些藝術氣息.
Tianzifang preserves the sense of market place of its older days but with a slight artsy twist.


這邊因為希望保留石庫門的原始樣, 所以可能看起來比較亂或比叫沒有規劃, 不過這樣才有石庫門的 “原味"嘛… 其實除了樓下的那些商店外, 這邊還是有滿多原本的居民住在這.
The area may seem a bit less organized. But this preserves a bit of the Shikumen style of community I suppose. Although there are many shops here now, unlike the other newer redevelopment areas, there are actually still quite a few original residents of the place living in these old buildings.


石庫門是一種由四合院延伸出來的建築, 在早期是社會上層人士身分地位的象徵, 但在改革開放後逐漸退流行, 成了社會比較下級階層族群住的地方, 後來因為上海蓬勃的發展, 許多在市中心的石庫門舊面臨了被拆遷的命運, 只留下少數讓後人去想像過去的空間.
The most famous thing here is the Shikumen architecture. It’s a kind of architecture that has its roots in the 4-section style of Chinese courtyard house. It was once a popular style among the wealthy people but then it became less popular and were mostly occupied by people of lower social status. So during the time of the economic reform, many Shikumen buildings were torn down and the spaces cleared for grander and more modern buildings. So the Shikumen of Tianzifang is one of the few remaining Shikumen buildings around.


陳逸飛的工作室. 陳逸飛是中國改革開放後在西方世界最有名的華裔畫家, 本身也是個導演. 雖然他已經在2005年在上海過世了, 不過他對現代的後人的影響還是滿深遠.
The studio of Chen Yifei, a famous and influential painter who was also a film director and visual artist. He was always the most well known Chinese artist in the western world after the Chinese economic reform that started in 1978.


每個轉角都有一些不太一樣的景. 這間咖啡感覺就很溫馨.
Every corner has a different surprise. I think this small cafe looks pretty cozy.


Outside of a store that sells all kinds of camera.


還有 Teddy 熊!雖然這跟田子坊本身的故事搭不太上邊.
This is not exactly a place that you’d expect to find “Chinese" souvenir.


I think this is pretty cute as well!


在這看到了滿多還滿有創意的小東西, 所以這邊應該滿適合喜歡逛些有設計味的東西的人.
Saw and bought quite a few quite little things with cute or interesting design (a bit like things sold on zakka website). This should be a good place for shoppers who like things that are a little bit more “creative".


下雨天的街看起來比較冷清, 不然其他時候這邊還滿多人坐在外面露天的位子.
It looks a bit quieter on the street on a rainy day. Otherwise these street cafes will be filled with people sitting outside.


Urban Landscape.

These ones have a different “tint" to it.


有點老舊, 但又充滿生命力的一個地方.
A place that looks somewhat old but filled with potential for growth.


街是有點小.. 比較像小巷子.
Lots of alleys with shops and stores.


一家店前. 不知道這是做什麼的, 不過看起來不錯.
Outside of a store. I have no idea what this is. ;p


This reads Tian-zi-fang.

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