[ 北京 ] 星海鋼琴及龍徽葡萄酒

IMG_0277[ 一台鋼琴有多少個零件? ]

Other than going to classes, we also had the opportunity to visit a pretty impressive piano factory that manufactures a lot of the piano you see under its own brand or other famous brands. A few years ago, I watched a documentary on Steinway Piano and read a book about it. Steinway emphasizes that they make their piano by hand so it takes a long time to … (continue reading..)

除了上課以外, 我們這次還特別有到北京的公司去參觀, 而且這次是到鋼琴工廠!特開心的. 之前看過紀錄Steinway 手工造琴的影片, 這次看到的是工業及量產化的造琴技術. 這是星海鋼琴, 在內地的知名度很高, 連北京奧運開幕的鋼琴都指定用他們的, 而他們隸屬的集團旗下還有個葡萄酒廠, 也是看起來滿國際化的一個葡萄釀…

… 酒的廠.

… build a piano. But what we saw at this factory seems to be a total opposite of that. Here, the making of piano is turned into mass production. It certainly isn’t fair to compare it to Steinway because they have different targets and history. But it was indeed fascinating to see how pianos are built.


The reception desk in the lobby is a grand piano (with a real desk!)


我們在星海鋼琴的參訪, 看到了許多鋼琴組裝的過程, 也看到藝術量化的另一種境界, 和中國企業在國際市場向前衝的野心.
We had a walk through the assembly line of the piano factory. Much of the assembly still needs to be done by hand although a lot of the processes originally done by hand have already been replaced by automation.


每架鋼琴有 8,000 多個零件, 光組裝就要花費最少 3 個月.
Each piano has about 8,000 something components. The assembly process alone takes at least 3 months.


The Xinghai Piano Company also cooperates with other leading piano brands to build pianos.
這鋼琴公司還有和其他國際知名的鋼琴品牌合作生產鋼琴. 其他工廠相關的照片就不 post 出來啦.


從無到有,  不到百年歷史, 卻能緊追而上的企業, 讓人真的很佩服.
They started from nothing and grew to this scale in about half of a century. The drive and power for change in China is truly quite impressive.


北京 2008 奧運的開幕式朗朗彈的白鋼琴就是星海的鋼琴, 本來那鋼琴應該是全透明, 像水晶一樣, 但因為燈光特效的因素, 後來改用白色較顯眼.
In the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, the white piano (was originally suppose to be all transparent like a crystal piano but the lighting didn’t look right) that was played by Lang Lang was also the piano made by this piano company.


北京的新地標之一的國家大劇院裡面收藏了 20 幾架世界名琴, 但唯一是中國製的, 只有星海的鋼琴.
The new famous landmark of Beijing – the National Performance Arts Centre has a collection of about 20 something world famous brands of piano. The only brand of piano that’s from China is from this piano factory.


這種看起來比較摩登的鋼琴, 而且上面還有許多顏色和顯示.
This seems to be a more modern kind of piano. There are some special lighting above the keyboard as well.


這裡也有做豎琴, 但是雙排弦 & 沒有踏板的那種.
They make harps here as well, but only the non-pedal kind with strings on both sides.


星海集團所屬的一輕集團旗下還有間百年釀酒廠, 龍徽葡萄酒除了釀酒, 還有個很不錯的博物館.
The corporate that the piano company was under also has a wine factory – the Dragon Seal Wine. The brand is about a hundred years. The museum was also very well done I think.


裡面的許多展示其實還滿像外國酒廠的展示方式, 很西式, 也很有設計感.
The interior display of the museum is very western and quite similar to the nicer wine or beer museums in Europe.

IMG_0327 IMAGE_344

Lots of displays to see in this museum.


這邊其實還有可租給個人或公司的地下酒窖, 這邊沒有照出來因為沒相機, 走在那裡面感覺就像在巴黎教堂地下的墓穴的感覺… 一間一間一間的, 又冷!不過這就很適合儲放葡萄酒.
The wine factory also has wine cellars that can be rented by individuals or companies to store and preserve wine. I don’t have  a picture of that here because I didn’t have the proper camera to take it. But walking in there basically just felt like walking in the crypt of Parisian churches/cathedrals. There were lots of “rooms" with ornate metal bar doors. It was also very cold and kinda dark. But it was ideal for preserving wines.


This very ornate piano in the display/store area was of course made by the Xinghai Piano Company.


晚上在酒廠的晚宴是最豐盛 & 服務最到位的一餐.
Dinner at the wine factory at the VIP room (many thanks to the main organizer)
– the best meal and much better service.

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