[ Kitslano ] Faubourg Paris 下午茶

[ 來份法式下午茶吧 ]

“Old World Charm" is the key phrase for this place. My last day in Vancouver was a busy day and went to lots of places (big thanks to Jenn! :D). The first stop of the day is brunch at Faubourg Paris Coffee Shop in Kerrisdale. This classy with… (continue reading..)

最後一天的早午餐到了在 Kerrisdale 的 Faubourg Coffee Shop, 這間 Coffee Shop 看起來帶點古典 + 法式的浪漫, 不過裡面的空間真的是有點緊, 星期六的一早裡面就擠滿了人, 無論是外場的甜點區, 或是裡面圍出來的下午茶預定….

… 桌區, 都是擠啊擠啊擠啊, 也許就是要在這樣的氣氛下, 才會感覺它一定是特別好吧.

… some charm coffee shop has that Parisian coffee shop air to it. It’s classy and elegant and a very crowded place to be visiting, especially on a weekend!



你不是到了亞洲, 是溫哥華的亞洲人真的特別多, 尤其是喝下午茶和上餐館+還須事先訂位這檔事.
Inside the afternoon tea area of the coffee shop. These you usually have to reserve beforehand because the seats are so limited.


裡面的色調和裝潢就很有法式的色調和簡約但不失古典氣質的調調. 他們所謂的 “old world charm".
The colour and interior decor is pretty classy and has that air of “Parisian"-ism to it.


The chairs have pheasant feathers melted into it.


很 floral + art nouveau 的餐廳大燈.
The floral + art nouveau chandeliar.


這邊的下午茶組只有種選擇 – 粉紅或紫色下午茶, 不同處除了價格以外, 粉紅色的內容就佔了兩頁.
There are only 2 types of afternoon tea you could choose here – the Pink Afternoon tea or the Purple afternoon tea. The difference is in price and the contents. The contents included in the Pink Afternoon Tea takes up 2 pages.


The Pink Afternoon Tea for Two!

IMG_0124 IMG_0126

DSC_4070 IMG_0125

Sandwiches: Smoked salmon and wasabi cream, chicken, apple and country ranch dressing, cucumber, roast beef. coriander cream. Scones served with cream and jam.
Pastries: Fruit souffle, mini lemon tart, mini opera, chocolate mousse, parfait, chef’s suggestion + your choice of tea.


The portion doesn’t look that large but it’s pretty filling.


陶瓷的茶壺上像是戴上了鋼盔, 應該是有保溫作用吧.
The “armour" on my teapot. Maybe it’s more for keeping the tea warm.


牆上的畫裡面帶出的就是類似 19 ~ 20 世紀的巴黎時尚.
The painting that decorated the main wall brings out the “old world charm" of Parisian fashion and cafe.


這間的生意好到不得了, 星期六的人潮更是洶湧, 小小的一家店擠滿了人.
This coffee shop gets very busy. The crowd on a Saturday was immense as well. The whole shop was filled with people.


外部 cafe 的甜點櫃.
The other desert you could order from the cafe counter.


Faubourg Coffee Shop
A: 2156 West 41st Avenue in Kerrisdale Village, Vancouver
W: http://www.faubourg.com/Afternoon-Tea




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