[ 台北信義 ] 四四南村 . 好丘

[在這寸土寸金的地方, 還留下台北市的第一個眷村]

The area around Taipei 101 is now one of the most expensive real estate value. But among the new and tall buildings, you can still find the first military dependents’ village in Taipei City. These were built as temporary housing for the KMT military that retreated from China to Taiwan in the 1940s & 50s. The houses were not… (continue reading…)

沒想到在台北 101 附近還保存了這個看起來就和附近的摩登大樓很格格不入的眷村,那天和好友很早就到了在世貿一館附近的這個信義公民會館,也就是四四南村的舊址,這曾是台北市的…

… 第一個眷村,在幾經波折後還是有一部份被保留下來,作為古蹟再造的空間。

… meant to last for a long time as the KMT military had ambitious plans of striking back and reclaiming their lost land from the communists. But that didn’t happen and years went by and people had to struggle to live and expand in such a crowded space and poorly built shelters.


四四南村是個眷村,是 1940, 1950 年代國民軍從中國大陸撤到台灣時,為了這些軍人和家屬而打造的村落。我這邊來 copy 一下信義公民會館網站寫的眷村緣起:
" 民國37 年11月底,當時中國國民黨與中國共產黨內戰告急,因此青島的聯勤四十四兵工廠的員工及眷戶們匆匆搭乘太康輪渡海到基隆港來台,後來遷往台北市日據時代的日軍陸軍庫房聯勤第四十四兵工廠之地暫作停留;初期便開始興建了四四南村,後來人口逐漸增加便又興建了四四東村及四四西村,終於在民國40年三村都落成,這裡也成為兵工廠員工以及眷屬們度過了她們下半輩子的落腳處。"

Renamed the Xinyi Citizen Community House, the Sisinan Village was a military dependents’ village. What that means is a temporary settlement constructed around the 1940s and 1950s by the KMT government/military for the soldiers and their family when they retreated from China to Taiwan after losing their territory to the communist party.


過去的眷村生活條件不是很好,因為這些村落建成時只設定為暫時的居所 (那時國民軍要反攻大陸啊), 不過一年又一年過去了,第二代的眷村居民都出生了,許多空間也被擠爆。
The living condition of the people in village like this wasn’t good. Because they were built to be temporary shelter (the KMT soldiers were suppose to fight their way back to China and reclaim their lost lands but that never happened), many things were not set up for long-term use. But years after years, the second generation of the citizens of these military dependents’ village was born and the people had to find a way to work out how they should live their life in this community.


The Military Dependents’ Village Museum doesn’t have much to take photos of but you’re not suppose to take photos in here anyway. So you can go around and read all the descriptions of the life in this military dependents’ village.

IMG_0063 IMG_0057

When the world around it changes rapidly and old buildings are replaced by new ones, this becomes the last piece of history preserved here.


早上 10點前, 我就到了信義公民會館的好丘. 這是一個復合式的空間,有小市集和個 cafe.
We got to the Goodcho Restaurant/Cafe in the park early in the morning (around 10AM). This is an interesting space with a small market and a cafe.


好丘的 restaurant/cafe 部份有分可外帶的區和內坐. 這邊的貝果是現做的, 而且好像口味都還滿特別的.
The Goodcho Restaurant/Cafe has a take-out counter (mainly bagels I think) and a seating area. The bagels are made there and the flavours are pretty interesting.


The seating area fills up pretty quickly on a weekend. You can call them to reserve seating but you can also go there earlier to wait for a seat.


We ordered a burger set that included a large plate of salad, burger, dessert and a fashionable looking bottle of tea.

IMG_0075 IMG_0076

The chicken burger and rice pudding.


Cafe 的空間佈置很簡單。
The interior of the cafe design is pretty simple.


The Simple Life Market – There’s a small market with all kinds of artsy and designed crafts and goods in the same building.


市集的一旁的玻璃窗還可看到在廚房裡做 bagle 的人.
We could see people making bagels behind the windows of the Simple Life Market.


Combining the traditional and creative elements.


Outside of the market, a wall of colourful paintings.


還有這個  – 畫出你心中的妖怪吧!
Draw the monster in your mind on this wall.

IMG_0095 IMG_0096

自己可以拿起粉筆在這牆上塗鴉吧! 這都不是我們畫的,不過看得出來是甚麼嗎?
You can pick up a chalk and graffiti on this wall. We didn’t draw these ones but can you guess what they are?


原來大家心中的妖怪都長得很有意思… :p
Seems like all the monsters around look pretty cute.



The Xinyi Military Depedents’ Village has an air that’s quite similiar to the Xintiandi in Shanghai, except  the bulidings here are not reconstructed. But this place also feels more like an architecture museum because you could walk around in the small alleys and look at the houses but there’s not a lot of places for you to see or go. Perhaps if they can add something else to the buildings (maybe more stores, cafe or lounge), this place would become even more popular.


The houses here were built with bamboo and mud. But later on most were built with concrete and brick.


忘了提這邊還有個展演空間,不過我貼這個適因為我喜歡它上面寫的, how sweet..
Forgot to mention there’s also a space for exhibition and performance here. So there are adverts of shows/exhibitions around.

Goodcho & Simple Life  好丘復合式空間
W: http://tw.streetvoice.com/writing/goodchos/article/1192213/
A:  台北市松勤街 54 號   // 54 Songqin Road, Taipei City




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