[ 倫敦 ] My New Home for a While

[ 搬家大事啊 ]

Every time I leave for a place, I always felt I left in a rush. A lot of things still yet to be done; the luggage still needs to be packed. But for packaging luggage, I have developed a SOP and even a “supply chain”. This time, it was a bit different because I was moving to across 2 continents to the vibrant capital of… (continue reading…)

每次要去搭飛機時總是匆匆忙忙, 因為總是有很多東西要去做, 多大的行李, 帶甚麼樣的東西, 換洗包化妝包少了甚麼, 迅速從我的旅行抽屜補貨, 全部都有 SOP, 不太需要大腦, 不太需要太多時間. 甚麼東西幾乎都可以裝箱或變 e-化架在雲端中, 但是搬家就不同了,而且奇怪的是…

… 以前都能隨隨變變兩個行李就搬到一個陌生城市住,這次搬到倫敦,怎麼大包小包,加外帶和當地採購?以前在別的地方不用很多東西,連印表機也從來沒買過,唯一買過的電器應該是吹風機不然就是煮開水的電子燒水壺。刀叉也不曾買過,以前到底在外面吃甚麼也記不起來了。但是這次不同,全部大動員啦!搞甚麼!Kazoku 都說,你到底是要去那邊住多久?


… the United Kingdom. Moving to another city used to be very simple task. Well, at least it used to be like that when I first moved to Montreal, to Herstmonceux, to Birmingham, to Toronto… etc. I only needed 2 luggage and I didn’t have to get anything other than maybe a hair dryer or a electric kettle when I’m there. Never really bought any cutlery either. Used what was available or what was disposable. Actually, don’t really remember what I ate then. But this time, things are very different. There was not only the standard luggages, there was also an additional luggage to be delivered by my kazoku and I’ve already managed to stuff the flat with kitchen essentials.

 還沒解決屋子裡的寬頻至少得有個可上網的手機! 我的第一代 diamond: 我已經無法和你繼續以龜速上網的窗戶系統應變全世界神速的變化。iPhone 5 又有太多不確定性,不管了,先 iPhone 4!

Still haven’t gotten my broadband device so have to at least get a phone that can let me access internet. Can’t wait for iPhone 5; I need internet + smart phone now!

在倫敦外食哪邊都貴 (除了速食店以外吧),這兩盤小小的加上一杯 Raspberry lemonade total 要 14 GBP 啊。平時還是乖乖回家吃自己。
Eating out in London is not cheap. Something like this (2 little plates and a lemonade) can cause 14 GBP (including service charge). So it’s more affordable to eat at home.

倫敦的外送服務是神啊,不然那麼多重量級的東西我自己扛要扛到哪一天,一次叫他們全部送過來,印表機,鍋子,飲用水,衛生紙,番茄醬,果醬,醋, 任何有重量的東西,通通用送的,而且不管多少 (當然有個 max),只收我 3 GBP,也就是兩包沙拉青菜的價格,其他家的可能收個 5 到 7 GBP,別鬧了,除非我有推車 (或肌肉男幫我扛), 或是每天都到超市報到,這種東西還是叫外送吧。
The thing with buying things in London is that a lot of things can be delivered and they don’t cause a lot considering you don’t have to carry those things yourself, spend the time to go to the place and back, and a lot of other things. For things that are heavy or bulky (like water, pots, printer, vinegar, jam, cooking oil, etc), it’s much simpler to have them deliver.


這邊的面紙還有分 Mansize, 也就是超大的面紙,和一般正常的size 一比就知道,非常適合鼻子過敏時用。
The tissue box here has an interesting size. The mansize tissues also come with larger sheet of tissue. So it’s excellent when one has nose allergy.

驗收廚藝的時候到了,目前的成績就和我現在 pre-course 還沒看完第一篇一樣。
LIving on one’s own means one has to be able to feed one’s self. I’m yet to turn that into practice. har har.

這邊還有日本超市 (*欣慰*), 也有賣台灣產品的店,而且都可以在網站上訂,然後送到家門口,這就讓我想到米… 總不能抱著米,坐地鐵然後再走回住所吧,這個場面太難 hold 住了,尤其四處都是觀光客,不是拉著行李,就是看著地圖。
Other than Tesco and Wholefoods (which is an awesome supermarket with all kinds of food you can imagine), there are also stores that sell Japanese, Taiwanese or Chinese/Cantonese food. And most of them you can order items online as well and have them delivered.

倫敦有點歷史的 Selfridge Mall 外面的展示窗很有創意,而且 Mall 裡面賣食物的那區,居然有賣整條 (牠真的是很大的那種野兔)兔子,而且就像標本一樣的掛在牆上,當然還有一些其他野外打獵可能會去打的動物。
Passed by the Selfridge display window one day. The display windows of large department stores here are usually very fancy and creative. The food court of the Selfridge Mall near the Marble Arch tube sells some interesting things like wild rabbit, pheasants, scropian, etc. It’s quite a spectacle.
相較於隔壁的 Marks & Spencer 和 Primark,Selfridge 是走比較高級的路線,Primark 我第一次進,看到傻眼,一個星期五下午 2 點裡面的衣服大賣廠/百貨公司,兩層樓都 ‘擠滿" 了人,真的是夠多人,因為它的許多東西 (像衣服,髮式,居家使用的毛巾,枕頭, etc.) 也真的在倫敦看起來是最便宜的,不過質量可能就真的有差啦。
There are other kinds of malls nearby. Primark is one crazy place. It sells primarily clothing, shoes and home textile, and occupies 2 floors of a building. A friend said that it’s like the whole world is shopping in there. Once you enter the door.


Living in a city where you’d see double decker tourist buses pass by your window, strangers speaking all kinds of different languages, holding a map or lugging a huge luggage up and down the ancient staircase of the London underground, is so different. The weather here, however, has been living up to the reputation of English weather.
It has been windy (gustly) and almost rainy most of the time. But at least the temperature now and the sun is out a bit more often than not.

晚安! Good night!





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