[ 河內 ] LOTTE 高空觀景、下午茶 & Hotel

After 4 hours of coach ride, we were finally back in Hanoi. We stopped half way for a simple lunch with Vietnamese pho and were on our way to the hotel where we’d be staying for the remaining 2 nights. The Lotte Hotel is a high-rise comprising of hotels, restaurants, shopping complex and residences. (continue in English here)

4 個小時候我們回到了河內,中間停了一個類似休息站的地方只是吃個簡單的越南米粉+越南版的法式麵包,最期待的還是到 LOTTE!

Lotte Hotel 位於河內的市中心,算是在舊城&新城的邊界,遠遠就可以看到這棟高的玻璃樓。
The Lotte Hotel is located in downtown Hanoi. Pretty accessible to both the old town and the new area of the city. It’s one of the tallest buildings here so you’d see this glassy building from faraway.

到達的第一站先上觀景台 Lotte Observation Deck. 從地下室搭專屬快速電梯到觀景台看360度的河內環景。
Our first stop was the Lotte Observation Deck. You have to go to the basement of the department store to take the special lift that brings you to the deck.

The waiting area was decorated with these different neo-tradition lanterns.

Lotte 這棟於2014年完工的大樓總共有 65層樓,看起來很高但不是越南最高的樓,只能排名第二。第一名也是在河內,一個在 2011 年建成的 Landmark 72 複合式大樓,那棟也是個韓國企業投資的。
The Lotte building was completed in 2014 and has 65 floors. It’s currently the second tallest building in Vietnam. The tallest building in Vietnam is also in Hanoi and also built by Koreans. It’s a building completed in 2011 called the Landmark 72.

這棟樓的總高約 272 m. 目前排名世界第 37 高的 Landmark 72 總高約 336 m . 台北的101 大樓是大概 449 m.  杜拜的哈里發塔是約 584 – 828 m.
The height of this building is around 272 m. Ranking 37th in the world, the Landmark 72 in Hanoi is about 336m. Taipei 101 building is about 449m. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is about 584-828m.

在這邊可以那上這個 skywalk. 感受一下騰空的感覺,這個可是亞洲的第一個這樣的 sky walk.
You can also take a walk on the sky walk to feel what it’s like to be walking in the sky. Apparently this is the first sky walk of its kind to be built in Asia.

There can only be 10 people on there at one time.  This is a bit too scary.

360 度繞一圈,看看這邊的地標建築和河&湖。
Walk around the building to see Hanoi from all angles.

白天的 observation deck 雖然很明亮,不過看網站上這邊的晚上每區會亮不同的燈,也許傍晚來會是更好的時候吧。
Visiting the observation deck at day time offers a clear view of the cityscape. But if you’d like to see the building & city’s “light show" (not really a show), it’s probably better to come at dusk.

Lotte 這間 hotel 是韓國的知名的 Lotte 集團的,韓國企業在越南的投資佔滿大的比例,而且這邊的人也說中國人來這蓋馬路,韓國人來這蓋高樓,許多建設其實都還滿仰賴外資的支援。
The Lotte Hotel belongs to the Lotte Group from Korea. Apparently Korean corporates invested quite a bit in the developments and projects here. The locals say the Chinese come here and built roads and highways. The Koreans come here to build high-rises.

我們本來是schedule要去飯店的67樓 The Top of Hanoi 用下午茶的,不過這種大熱天在那樣的露天環境用下午茶應該會蒸發掉,所以改在lobby樓層 (38樓)The Lounge Sky 用下午茶,我們的份量小小的,不過還算精緻,口味也還不錯。
Originally we were going to the 67th floor – The Top of Hanoi for afternoon tea. But because the seating area is outdoor and without shades, if we were to stay there longer than 5 minutes, we’d probably be cooked. So we moved to the Lounge Sky on the 38th floor for our petit afternoon tea.

Same as the W in Taipei, you get a superb view from the toilet.

雖然整棟都是 LOTTE, 但樓下幾層是百貨公司,飯店的 lobby 也在 30 幾層樓。
The lobby of the hotel is located on the 38th floor (If I remember correctly..). There’s a shopping complex within the building as well.

The interior design of the hotel is modern with a classy Asian zen feel to it.

這應該是deluxe 的房型, 空間很大!
I think this is a Deluxe room. Very spacious!

房間內的景觀也相當棒,住在 40 幾層樓就已經覺得很居高臨下了。若是住在角落的房間則會有兩面這樣的無敵景觀。
Also has a superb view. If you get a corner suite, then you’ll have this view x 2.

早餐在 63 樓用餐,若是坐在窗邊也能有很棒的景色。

早餐是自助式的,也有很多國的選擇。這間 hotel 應該有滿多韓國人住的,到處都可聽到人講韓語。

The breakfast was on the 63th floor. If you get a window seat, you’d have a seat with a view as well. Overall I think I quite like this hotel and would recommend it.

Lotte Hotel Hanoi
W: http://www.lottehotel.com/hanoi/en/

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