[ 首爾 ] 韓劇 “W" 的 Skyfarm

一大早有明確要去的地方, 但是怕去到那沒開會餓扁, 所以先在 hotel 一樓的 cafe 簡單吃一下早餐.
We headed to the cafe on the ground floor of the building for breakfast just in case where we were going had nothing to eat.

這間 apparently 算是個連鎖咖啡店: Angel-in-us Coffee. 這邊除了餐飲以外也有舉辦咖啡的課程. 我覺得這邊的 cafe 都好有強烈的設計感.
This Angel-in-us Coffee is apparently a chain. Love how many cafes here in the city are very well-designed.

早餐其實也什麼選擇, 有吃就好.
There weren’t that many choices for what to have for breakfast.

今天好多警察啊.. 至少看了30幾輛這樣的大型警察巴士開過去, 因為近期都還是有因為閨蜜醜聞而被要求下台的樸槿惠抗議活動, 連 monsieur 在韓國的前同事也是這抗議活動的熱衷者啊.
Saw like over 30 police buses from our window. Probably for the protest (one of the many protests) today to force their prime minister to resign.

今天一早要前往汝夷島的 FKI Tower 去 Skyfarm. 假日從汝矣島地鐵站出來覺得這邊還滿冷清的, 不過這裡是business district, 聽monsieur 韓國同事說在平日這邊很忙的.這棟 FKI Tower (Federation of Korean Industries) 在 2013 年落成, 而且獲得許多建築設計獎, 那亮亮的玻璃外牆其實都是有經過特殊設計,讓裡面的空調系統不會因外面天氣的過熱或過冷造成更多能源的浪費, 加上迎太陽面都有加裝能源吸收板,這算是這邊綠建築的代表之一. 這迴旋梯 reminds me of the one in the London Kews Garden.
We were off to the FKI Tower Skyfarm in Yeouido for lunch. This area looks pretty quiet on a weekend maybe because it’s mainly a business district. The building that we’re heading to was completed in 2013 and won several architectural awards. It’s also designed to be energy-efficient. An example of modern green building.

其實一進這辦公樓的大廳就有立牌告訴你 skyfarm 在幾樓, 跟警衛講要去skyfarm就可以搭電梯上去. 上去出了電梯後可以看到那些漂亮的玻璃屋了, 這是我們那天吃早午餐的餐廳 menu. 其實這邊同一層樓還有另外一間餐廳, 是比較亞洲餐食, 若是不想吃西式的還有另外一個選擇.
The skyfarm is located in this business-like building. There’s a sign on the ground floor to tell you which floor it’s on. or you can ask the guard on the ground floor. There were 2 restaurants you could choose from. One had more Eastern food and the other one was this.

一進去餐廳的 view, 整個就像在空中.
Entering the restaurant, it’s like floating in the sky.

好多花花的設計啊… 喜歡!!!

坐在窗邊的位置其實就像旁邊有扇落地窗. 這個感覺其實有點像我之前在河內的 Lotte Hotel 用早餐那樣: [ 河內 ] LOTTE 高空觀景、下午茶 & Hotel, 也許韓國人都喜歡這樣居高臨下的空曠感.
Most of the seats are by the huge glass windows. The place and the view reminds me of the Lotte Hotel in Hanoi.

餐廳的吧台&主要的工作台, 看起來非常的明亮&舒服.
Inside the restsaurant.

我們點了幾兩道簡單的主菜. Monsieur 的那個是什麼 avacado 在一片大法國麵包上+salad. 不是很愛 avacado so no thanks.

My spaghetti vongole! 其實這邊的餐點還算不錯啦, 而且價格也還算ok (especially for this view)
I think the price is reasonble for the food and the view.

這邊中間還有一像宴會廳的地方, 很挑高. 看起來也很夢幻像是開 wedding party 會很不錯的地方.
There’s an area like a banquet hall. So dreamy! I think it’d be perfect for a wedding party.

會知道這裡也主要是因為前陣子的韓劇 “W" 兩個世界.  ”W“劇裡面姜哲(男主角)住的 hotel 餐廳就是這裡啦!但這邊樓下實際上沒有 hotel.
I knew about this place from a popular Korean drama “W" on a few months ago. These are scenes from the drama.

甜點台&我喜歡他們用這個木塊來放 reserved 桌牌.
I like the wood pieces for placing the “Reserved sign"

連女廁也有相當氣派的花飾. 這邊的花藝真的是到處讓人驚艷啊.

用完餐可走樓梯或是搭電梯到樓上的 “skyfarm".. 這些是乾燥繡球花吧…
After our lunch, we headed one floor up to the “skyfarm".

其實12月初首爾已經是滿冷的,所以其實到上面這邊也是覺得有點冷, 相信看這些植物也看得出來吧.
It was actually quite cold in Seoul in early December. I think you can tell from the plants here as well.

很慶幸的是這邊還沒有被觀光客擠爆, 無論是餐廳的位子 (我們沒 reserve, 直接 walk in) 或是樓上的空中花園, 都沒有其他人來破壞畫面 (哈哈哈). 在餐廳時大部分在那邊用餐的人都是韓國人.
So glad this place was not flooded with tourists yet. We didn’t reserve for a seat at the restaurant in advance and we managed to get seats. We were like the only people on the rooftop garden the whole time.

樓上這玻璃屋也出現在 W 兩個世界的劇情中. 晚上別有一番風情吧.
This glass house appeared in the Korean drama “W". It’s quite different at night eh?

每個角落都有些驚奇, 這邊看起來是個辦半戶外PA的好地方, 採光很棒!&上面都是太陽能板.
This is like a perfect semi-outdoor party place!

Impressive views. on the glass walls and ceiling are also some solar panels.

是個沒有在追韓劇也值得來的好地方. (2017 年的米其林 guide 推薦喔)
Highly recommended to-visit place in Seoul (also mentioned in the Michelin guide).

The Skyfarm, Seoul
W: http://tower.fki.or.kr/mall/skyfarm.asp
A: 28-1 Yeoeuido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (near Yeouido Station; 汝夷島地鐵站附近)




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